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2016 Registrations - UPDATED

**Updated information about INNC registrations.**

Online registrations open on 8 February 2016.

2016 Registration Fees:

$195 Seniors (16+ years)

$195 Cadets (16-18 years school aged players)

$170 Intermediate (13-15 years)

$170 Juniors (11-12 years)

$160 Set! (Modified) (8-10 years)

Visit our Registration and Fees page for more information.


Inner North Netball Club registrations for the 2016 winter season will open in February.

All registrations this year will be through the MyNetball website. The club is setting up this registration process and more details will be posted before registrations open.

The NCNC 2016 winter season will start with grading games on Saturday 19 March, 2 April and 9 April. Round one of the competition is on Saturday 30 April.

More information to follow in due course.


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