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Registrations for 2024 Winter Competition

All registrations and payments for the 2024 winter season will be completed online through the PlayHQ website.

There are different links for each age category. Please register you/your child in the category for the age turning this year.


**For players who may play in a higher category please register for your age category (e.g. a player turning 12 (Juniors) who plays up in the Inters category, still registers in the Junior category. They can then be allocated to a Inters team).


The information you provide in your registration will assist us in allocating you/your child to an appropriate INNC team. If space provided on the form is insufficient, please email with any extra information. 

NOTE FOR PARENTS REGISTERING A CHILD/CHILDREN: Please create a PlayHQ account with YOUR details. You can then register family members or dependants under this account.

If you are experiencing difficulties registering please email

Please click on the appropriate link below to register (based on age turning this year).

Set Category

7-8 girls and boys

Born 2017 - 2016

Go Category

9-10 girls and boys

Born 2015 - 2014

Junior Category

11-12 girls and boys

Born 2013 - 2012

Intermediate Category

13-15 girls

Born 2011 - 2009

Cadet Category

16-18 girls at school

Born 2008 - 2006

Senior Category


Born 2006 and before

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