North Canberra Netball Competition (NCNC)

Canberra Netball Association (CNA) and Belconnen Netball Association (BNA) jointly host the North Canberra Netball Competition (NCNC) utilising the outdoor netball facilities at Southwell Park, Lyneham and Lhotsky Street, Charnwood. Last winter season, 229 teams participated in the competition. The depth provides teams with a well graded competition that offers diversity for all standards of match play.


The NCNC strives to provide a healthy sport for people, promote the development of junior and senior sportspersons in the spirit of strong competition and fair play and build a sense of community around the involvement in a team sport.


The competition offers a winter netball competition for senior, cadets, intermediate and junior players, including modified netball games for children aged 8-10 years.  NetSetGO! ‘Net’ is the recommended introductory skills program for netball conducted by BNA/CNA and administered by Netball ACT (generally ages 5 – 7 years).



NCNC Category Information

Game times listed below may change depending on the number of teams registered, the number of available courts and the structure of divisions.

Games will be played at either the Lyneham (Southwell Park) or Charnwood (Lhotsky Street) venues.

 NCNC Mixed Intermediate Category set to continue in 2021

NCNC has advised that the Mixed Intermediate Category (boys and girls - aged 13 to 15 years), introduced in 2020 is set to continue in 2021. 

If you are interested in playing in a mixed team please register through the INNC, MyNetball website. 


A few things to note playing mixed:


  • You only need a minimum of 1 boy per team.

  • Normal mixed rules will apply - maximum of 3 boys on court, one in each third.

  • Intermediates is for ages 13-15 years.

  • Those girls playing mixed inters can also play in their normal Inters teams as Mixed is considered a different category. 

  • More information and advertising will be out in the coming weeks.

2021 NCNC Season Dates

NCNC 2021 Season Dates.png