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INNC Players In Winning Team At ACT Junior Championships

Congratulations CNA U13's Division 2 Champions!!!

INNC was well respresented in the ACT Junior Championships with three players, Jade Cumberland, Silpha Ayamiseba and Katherine Dixon in the U13's Division 2 team.

Their team made it through the rounds undefeated placing them on top of the ladder.

They took on Tuggeranong in the semi-final defeating them 25-12. In the other semi-final South Canberra played Arawang, with South Canberra coming out on top in a close match 25-24.

In their final against South Canberra their team hit the lead early with some great shooting and magical shots from Katherine. This, along with Silpha's awesome defence and intecepting and Jade's brilliant attacking and feeding into the circle meant their team stayed in the lead for the rest of the game with the final score 28-14.

Congratulations Jade, Silpha and Katherine on a great win from INNC!

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